Mission Statement

Shaping the future of business ideals by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors and partners, by enabling economic growth through infrastructure development. Our dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service is prevalent and foremost.

IT-ITES Services
IT-ITES Services

ASK Telecom offers Information Technology solutions that are one of a kind, tailor made for a quality experience. We offer high end solutions that are in line with our commitment to provide maximum value, high quality and low cost IT and ITES services worldwide.

Call Centre Services
Call Centre Services

A full phase Call Centre services provider, ASK Telecom has in place international grade hardware and software, used by skilled and experienced staff, offering quality Call Centre services. Beyond that, and primarily in place, a full set of BPO services is on offer to both domestic and international clients.

Training Centre Services
Training Centre Services

Our facility is fully staffed, with competent equipment that provides a rich audio-visual experience for students to immerse themselves in. Adequate facilities that are marks of a functioning Centre, are what helps to complete the full picture of an effective Training Centre, such as the one at ASK Telecom.

About Us

The inception of ASK Telecom stemmed from the history of the two parent companies, Gears Group & Capital Group. ASK Telecom was founded to mitigate the need for IT services within the two parent companies. As an internal services provider, ASK Telecom’s origins have been rich and plentiful.

Recently, the combined Executive Management of both parent companies decided to bring about an introduction and integration of ASK Telecom into a company that provides premium BPO & IT services to both international and domestic markets.

The goal of ASK Telecom is to introduce a new method of conducting Call Centre activities, given an edge by the advent and use of the latest technologies and equipment. The advent of Business Process Outsourcing trends, and its subsequent boom of late in the various industries of Bangladesh and abroad, helped to bring about this need.

BPO Services

Training Centre Services

Call Centre Services

Surveillance & Monitoring Services

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Training Centre

ASK Telecom’s Training Centre is one of the best in the BPO Industry, run by highly supportive teachers. Our primary aim is to guide students with vocational skills and get jobs in the domestic and foreign markets, making them independent. We offer high quality training services and competency skills to start working in jobs that guarantee career growth. We make students skilled enough to enable their confidence skills in working for jobs of their choice.

Customer Service Skills

  • Selling Techniques
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Contact Centre Operations & Management
  • Service Quality and Assurance Management

Non-Voice Skills

  • Administrative Support
  • Data Entry
  • Generic Microsoft Office Suite
  • Secretarial Skills
  • Human Resources Management

Marketing Skills

    • Sales Marketing & Advertising
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Email Marketing

English Language Skills

  • Business Communication
  • Content Writing
  • Blog Management
  • Forum Moderation
  • Copywriting & Ghostwriting

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