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FMCG Industry and the impact of BPO

The FMCG landscape has seen a number of changes in the last decade. The increasing popularity of the digital platforms and the evolving demands of the customers, the companies involved in this sector are now looking for unique ways to reach, engage, and retain customers.

On the other hand, the increasing competition and coming together of the market forces has created an environment where FMCG companies are struggling with a number of problems, like:
• Greater complexity
• Narrowing profit margins
• Deflationary environments for operations
• Increased regulatory pressures
• Shorter life cycle of products
• Increased popularity of alternative sales channel
• Decreasing loyalty of customers
As a result, FMCG companies are now required to use their time and resources on mission-critical tasks. Other tasks like customer support, help desk, distribution and planning, logistics, fleet management, inventory management, returns, vendors, etc. can be managed by a BPO Service Provider.
With years of experience in the domain, we understand the needs of modern FMCG companies and offer an extensive range of services to these companies to help streamline their operations. Over the years, we have created highly rewarding business relationships with companies all over the world and were fortunate enough to deliver the expected results on a consistent basis.

Our Expertise

Together, we believe that we can help FMCG companies achieve their business objectives while allowing their in-house teams to focus on the core business activities. Our innovative, time and cost-efficient services are what an FMCG company needs to gain a competitive edge and stay ahead of the competition.


Wework closely with in-house teams in the initial days of the SLA (Service Level Agreement) to thoroughly understand operations and business objectives.


Theneeds of every FMCG company vastly varies from the other. Thus, rather than providing a single solution to all the different companies, we focus on understanding the specific needs of the company to ensure that we are able to provide a customized solution.

Extensive range of services

Our Call Centre services for companies in the FMCG industry includes a number of different services like customer support, help desk, logistics management, vendor management, live chat support, email support, product returns, order tracking, etc.

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