What We Do

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What We Do

Phone: +880 9610275835      

Services introduction, Company business and innovation marketing

The goal of ASK Telecom is to introduce a new method of conducting Call Centre activities, given an edge by the advent and use of the latest technologies and equipment. The advent of Business Process Outsourcing trends, and its subsequent boom of late in the various industries of Bangladesh and abroad, helped to bring about this need.

A full phase Call Centre services provider, ASK Telecom has in place international grade hardware and software, used by skilled and experienced staff, offering quality Call Centre services. Beyond that, and primarily in place, a full set of BPO services is on offer to both domestic and international clients. ASK Telecom offers Information Technology solutions that are one of a kind, tailor made for a quality experience. We offer high end solutions that are in line with our commitment to provide maximum value, high quality and low cost IT and ITES services worldwide.

Here are some of the services offered by ASK Telecom;.

Call Centre services

Inbound Campaigns

Customer Services through Call Centre– Entire end-to-end handling of customer services, non-technical and technical. In an intensely competitive market place, products can become commodities and services the true differentiators. Managing and exceeding customer expectations by providing services while reining in costs is a real challenge for companies worldwide.

Some of the services offered for Inbound Campaigns:

  • Order Taking/Order Processing
  • Order Tracking /Account status
  • Product Inquiry
  • Registration
  • Troubleshooting and technical support
  • Inquiry HandlinG
  • Survey/ Research
  • Technical Support
  • Website Response
  • Customer Hotline Services
  • Cross Sales and Up Sales services

Outbound Campaigns

Call Campaigns for Marketing and/or Business Account management.A key factor for the growth of any business is the acquisition of new customers and the retention of existing clients. While customer acquisition is a key goal, it poses challenges, including potentially high marketing costs and efforts needed to close a sale.

Some of the services offered for Outbound Campaigns:

  • Welcome Calls and Upgrade Programs
  • Win back Programs
  • Lead Generation Programs
  • Cross/Up-Sell
  • Customer/Quality Surveys
  • Lead Generation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Product/Service Promotion
  • Market Research
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Verification services
  • E-mail follow-up

Blended Campaigns

A fully fledged Call Centre that caters to every service oriented business need, in terms of customer service. This category is mix of both Inbound and Outbound, allowing for the smooth facilitation of customer responses as well as technical support and/or customer feedback, a big boon for businesses that offer products and/or services that require off-the-counter support, on a potentially global scale.

Managed Services

A mixed portfolio of services offered for companies seeking to streamline their core functions, yielding better productivity and results.

IT Services

  • IT Help Desk Support
  • System, Database & Network Administration
  • Enterprise Solution
  • Data Center Outsourcing and Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Management Site-to-Site Connectivity
  • Corporate Email Solution
  • Network Storage Solution
  • Surveillance & Monitoring Services

Solutions Development

  •  Corporate Website Design, Development and Promotion/Branding
  • Product Marketing/Promotion, Design and Execution
  • Order Taking/Order Processing/Order Tracking and Logistics Management
  • Warehouse/Storage/Refund process, Design and Management
  • Payment/Payroll Management
  •  Data Entry Process
  • Corporate Email Solution
  •  And many more…


We are always ahead with Professional Solutions for your business!

A full scale Training Centre, staffed by efficient and experienced Trainers, is in place at ASK Telecom. We provide Training for new employees, as well as provide training in other subjects that are independent of the company. The purpose behind the Training Centre is to create an establishment where incumbent employees, within or without the company, can ground themselves, learn new skills and be fully confident in achieving the best productivity upon joining their career of choice. Our facility is fully staffed, with competent equipment that provides a rich audio-visual experience for students to immerse themselves in. Adequate facilities that are marks of a functioning Centre, are what helps to complete the full picture of an effective Training Centre, such as the one at ASK Telecom.

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Call Centre Operations & Management
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Business Communication Skills
  • Sales & Marketing Skills

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