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Intelligence Technology
BPO Services

While there are many hundreds of service providers offering IT/ITES services, we here at ASK Telecom intend to focus more on “non-voice” services.

What “non-voice” means, is any functionality that is seen as a support function that does not have a vocal aspect in it. That is, aside from Call Centre’s, which primarily have Customer Services, there are other campaigns in the BPO Arena, which do not require the spoken form to make it work.

At ASK Telecom, we have a variety of Back Office Support for our clients. Our experience and skill sets, our accuracy and total efficiency is class leading.

Some of the non-voice streams that we focus on:
• Data Entry, Data Management & Administration, Transcription
• Administrative Support – Email Response Support
• Full scale customer service including follow-up and end report generation
• Research & Survey campaigns

ASK Telecom’s Back Office Support systems is entirely capable of providing a guarantee on quality, on security and above all, full client satisfaction. We fit and adapt ourselves to accommodate our clients in the best and most effective way possible.

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